Interesting FAQs

• Atlin is the most north westerly town in the province

• The movie ‘Never Cry Wolf’ was filmed in part in Atlin with local people

• Atlin lake is 137km (85miles) long and 8km (5miles) wide, covering 795 square km (307 square miles). It drains a basin of 11’401 square km (4,402 square miles).

•  The town of Discovery was also known as Pine City

• Birch Mountains elevation is 2059m (6,755feet) and is located on Teresa Island (formerly known as Goat Island). This is the highest point of land on an island in a freshwater lake in the world. The elevation is 1391m (4,563feet).

• Llewellyn glacier extents from the south-western tip of Atlin Lake almost to the sea coast at Juneau, Alaska. It is one of the largest ice fields on the continent.

• Atlin mountain elevation is 2029m (6,656 feet)

• Atlin is located at latitude N59*35’, longitude W 133*40’

• Population about 400 permanent residents

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